What will happen when I am pregnant if I have fibroids?

Most pregnant women who have fibroids in their uterus will have no problems due to the fibroids. Sometimes fibroids can cause pregnancy complications. Fibroids can enlarge during the first trimester.
It is possible for the fibroid to lose its blood supply as the pregnant womb enlarges. This causes the fibroid to die on the inside – Doctors call this “red degeneration”. This can cause severe pain and you should be examined by your obstetrician. There is no cure for this aside from supportive therapy – rest, fluids, pain killers. Rarely the dying fibroid will cause an inflammatory reaction which can put the mother at risk of going into labour. Fortunately this does not occur very often.
If the fibroid is near the cervix it can make it difficult for the baby to get into the correct position for delivery – we call this malpresentation. This means that a caesarean section may be necessary.